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Why choosing Nu3 products?
Why choosing Nu3 products?

Besides its nutritional properties and exclusive formulation, the Nu3 products have other advantages that make them both a healthy and profitable option. This last point is justified by the following characteristics:


Nu3 doesn’t require cold storage

Since the Nu3 products are dehydrated, they must be mixed with different proportions of boiled drinkable water so that they can be consumed (Drinks) or mixed with drinkable water so that they can be cooked according to the specifications of each product.

This is a highly differential advantage since the cold chain required by most fresh products- before their elaboration- such as meats and milk products, must be strictly respected. If not, the total or partial quality of the product will be lost and this will include a possible increase in the bacterial reproduction with the consequent food contamination.

Sometimes the accomplishment of the cold chain is obstructed by logistic or equipment problems: the equipment for cold temperature usually breaks down or doesn’t have enough capacity for all the raw material. That is why the substitution of fresh food products for dehydrated food products of equal characteristics turns up to be beneficial not only because their quality is guaranteed but also because their useful life is longer.

The food-transmitted diseases (FTD) are a major morbimortality cause around the world. Just in Argentina during the year 2000, nearly 2.100 people fell ill because of food causes. Out of this total, the greatest percentage (84%) of the affected people corresponds to massive outbreaks (institutions, community centers or workplaces). Among the involved food products we could name meat, milk products, and pasta. These food products require the utmost care in their refrigeration and hygiene as well as a safe manipulation. That is the reason why the Health Ministry recommends especial attention and control measures to guarantee the quality of these products.

Food safety is a major public health problem since the food-transmitted diseases are perhaps the most generalized problem in the world.

The contaminated food products cause diseases especially in children, old people and other vulnerable groups.

The food-transmitted diseases are also causes of financial losses regarding work absenteeism, medical expenses, costs of research on diseases’ outbreaks and their control, legal expenses and others.

In order to prevent the FTD, we should identify the critical spots where food can be contaminated, and then apply the quality control procedures and the health and hygiene measures. This would guarantee the innocuousness and conformity of all the food products in all the food chain stages, from the raw material production, up to the food preparation.

This characteristic is essential for the guarantee of quality, since it helps reduce the contamination risks.
The excess- once the food product is elaborated- should be kept under refrigeration at a temperature of 2 to 8 Centigrade degrees.

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Long useful life

Unlike other food sources rich in proteins such as fresh animal food products, the Nu3 dehydrated products have a useful life of 12 to 18 months according to the ingredients of each product.

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Easy preparation and less manipulation

The Nu3 products are easy to prepare:
  • Food manipulation is one of the most important food contamination sources. One way of diminishing the risk of contamination by manipulation is reducing the steps in the processes of food elaboration or preparation.
  • Most of the Nu3 food products just require water, and in some cases a short cooking. This shortens the elaboration time, allows the standardization of recipes and the guarantee of quality.

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It requires a small storage space

Besides the importance of their guarantee of quality, the Nu3 dehydrated food products have the advantage of their small volume. Therefore, they require a smaller storage space and easier logistics than fresh food products.

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