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Main functions of the Vitamins contained in the Nu3 products
Main functions of the Minerals contained in the Nu3 products
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Main functions of the Minerals
contained in the Nu3 products


It plays a very important role in the organism as part of the molecules that transport and store the oxygen “Hemoglobin”.

Iron is a mineral required for the normal function of the defense mechanisms of the organism (it stimulates immunity and physical resistance).

It is essential for the right use of B vitamins.The iron deficiency is thought to be the third among nutritional deficiencies, being the children younger than 2 years old, pregnant women, adolescents and fertile women the most vulnerable groups.

In children, the iron deficit can affect the immune system (less resistance to infections and more morbidity); it is also associated with a minor cognitive development. In adults it appears associated with a minor working capacity.

School performance:
  • The lack of iron produces deficiencies in the mental and psychomotor functions, most of all in pre-school and school children. Some research has shown that school performance is worse in children with iron deficiency than in normal children.
  • Many studies suggest that the iron deficiency during childhood represents a great educational disadvantage, no matter the ethnic condition or the social and physical environment in which these children grow up.
  • During pregnancy, anemia is associated with premature births, an increase in morbidity and mortality (both maternal and fetal).

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It participates in the use of energy, synthesis of proteins and oxidant protection. It neutralizes the toxic effects of free- radicals and the cell damage. It facilitates the irrigation of the hair bulb, avoiding the hair atrophy.

  • It plays a major role during the growth and development of children.

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Calcium (In Nu3 Drinks and Desserts)

  • It is an essential nutrient for the right formation of bones and teeth.
  • It prevents from osteoporosis in adult life.
  • It takes part in the blood coagulation processes.
  • It intervenes in the nervous transmission, within which we find the muscle contraction and the myocardial conduction.

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