Protein complementation
Nu3 line
Protein of whey
Main functions of the Vitamins contained in the Nu3 products
Main functions of the Minerals contained in the Nu3 products
Why choosing Nu3 products?
Nu3 line

This is a line of products offering a perfectly balanced combination of soy and proteins of whey. As a result of this combination, we obtain a product rich in all the Essential Amino acids. Therefore the Biological Value (BV) of the union of these products is higher than the one represented by the protein profile of each individual product.

We can say then that the Nu3 food products provide a great proportion of high-biological-value proteins, these of high nutritional interest, mainly for those groups with special nutritional needs.
Nu3 is the most complete line of micronized soy-based products fortified with 8 vitamins (A, D, E, C, B1, B2, B3 and B6) and essential minerals such as iron and zinc. The line of drinks and desserts adds an excellent proportion of whey proteins and is also fortified with calcium.

Below, you will find the nutritional characteristics of the main components of the Nu3 products:

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